Drew Speedie In Memoriam (English)

“Death is not truth when the work of life has been fulfilled well”,
José Martí

José Marti’s phrase adjusts perfectly to your person. It is not more necessary to see how the community has reacted, as soon as we heard the news about your tragedy. The gurus has reflected it in their blogs, the magazines have said it in articles and, of course, the Fox Communities Web Sites did the same. Everyone who knew you, or has read your work, has something that to be appreciative, something that to admire.

Andy Kramek said when they made you they broke the mold and we shall not see your like pass this way again. People have called you genius, gentleman, stars, exceptional. It there any other adjective available to describe as much greatness? Without doubts you have fully deserved it.

I have needed to let pass days, to convince to me that it is not a nightmare. I’ll share my memories now.

Alex Feldstein introduced me to you, during the 2004 Devessentials Conference in Kansas City. You spoke to me in perfect Spanish. Wow! Big surprise. During the Conference, and then during this shortest year we maintained a rich interchange of messages by email, we continued combining both languages.

One of the more exciting moments I had during the Conference was exactly in one of your presentations. I already wrote about it a year ago, in “Reporte de la Conferencia DevEssentials 06.06.2004 – Sesión tarde” (http://www.portalfox.com/conferencias/devessentials2004/dot.htm).

Afternoon begins with a session on the Visual MaxFrame Professional created by Drew Speedie, (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) one of the most recognized around the world experts in VFP, by his knowledge, his innumerable articles and conferences, and by his speed when speaking. What a fast talker Drew was! Let me tell you story; a small anecdote. I was warned about his speed, his last name (Speedie), comes to him very well, but I decided to try to understand him. It was a good decision! I attended his three sessions and was delighted. During the Visual MaxFrame Professional session, Drew Speedie had the courtesy to ask to me if it understood him, or if he had to speak slower). “All it’s fine, thank you very much”, I said to him.

I will remember your gentility forever.

In that same writing, I commented after attending the session: “What Your Mother Never Told You about Instantiating/Destroying Forms”. … I have enjoyed this session very much. I have learned much and I’m sure that I’ll come back to these papers several times. I will be translate them as soon as possible. Thanks again Drew, simply brilliant!

You made an impression and I transmitted it with all the force of my feelings. The same feelings that have made me cry these days when knowing the tragedy.

I translated it and published it in http://www.PortalFox.com. We also published other valuable writings that arrived at our hands and that you authorized. And the PortalFox SysOps decided to create a special “Drew Speedie” section. Well done! When I told you, you responded with modesty: “Thanks, it looks great! Muchas gracias por enviarme el link!”

These are photos I did them during the days of the Conference. It reached the time to you to share with the others and you were happy next to your wife.

Drew, these lines help to be close you for them which did not have the privilege to know you personally.

This is my simple tribute to your memory. In a few days we will have Southwest Fox 2005 in Arizona. We will speak about Visual FoxPro, about projects and illusions and we will speak about you. You, and Brent will be present!

We are missing you.

Ana María Bisbé York

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