Thank you, 2017 !!!

You have just left,  2017, you have been a good year, or rather, an excellent year. Thanks !!!

Our family is fine, we have celebrated 30 years of marriage and our children continue to consolidate their present and future. Healthy and happy we arrived at the end of the year, to receive this new year 2018 with energy, happiness, and optimism.

Let’s talk about work !!! 🙂

Microsoft Partner

Since January, the collaboration as Microsoft Partner in Power BI became effective. It has translated into many job opportunities, many hours of study and preparation and many satisfactions with the several hundred students that I have had the pleasure of teaching and of which I have had the great luck of being able to learn. Power BI is a great tool, I am delighted

Thank you very much, Microsoft and especially Power BI Team!

I have continued my work as a consultant in Business Intelligence, as a trainer or in projects as a freelance or in collaboration with other companies. I taught in two Masters level courses and recorded my first module in an online course. I am very grateful for the opportunity that the companies gave me and the welcome of the students.

Pragmatic Works Influencer

In April, I received the gratifying surprise of being invited to practice as an Influencer in Pragmatic Works, a great gift that I have not yet been able to compensate. The resources for the training are very good with excellent courses and mentors of the highest level and total delivery, in addition, the tools of Pragmatic Works are very valuable.

Events and Community

It has been a spectacular year in terms of events and community. The community represents a lot to me because as a freelancer I do not have a stable team of co-workers. In events and social networks: twitter and Linkedin I find very valuable information for my training, as well as the professional exchange among colleagues.

I have attended several events, I have served as a mentor in the dataton, I have presented a workshop, several sessions, two of them in English and I have worked in the organization of some of them. I am very grateful for the opportunity that the organizers have offered me.

Training, training and more training

I have not lacked resources to be in constant improvement

In summary, I can not complain 🙂 I have not been bored, I have studied a lot, I have bought several books and courses. I am privileged to dedicate myself to what I like.

I thank my family for all the support, my students for their teachings, affection and generous evaluations and my partners for their trust and efficiency in the organization, management, and administration of the training actions.

Thank you very much, 2017!

For this 2018 there are already several plans !!! Take up the blog, teach and receive new and varied courses and, of course … more community events … and, who knows if I encourage myself to something else? 🙂

Happy New Year to everyone!

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